Sunday, September 20, 2009


We are gathered here together today
to celebrate the life, 
and mourn the passing of


i wrote a little something in her honor;

Oh truckie oh truckie,
you always got us were we needed to go.
you always towed what we needed to tow.
you never failed us in anyway,
and never led us astray.
although you've gone on to an unknown place,
and there's a new car in your parking space,
the memories of you will never slip our minds
i only hope your new owner is kind
so let me wipe a tear from my eye
and i'll stand here and wave good bye
one day, shaquira, we'll meet again.
until then, so long my friend.

Monday, September 14, 2009

Addictive Personality

so- i have an addictive personality.
if i do something and like it, i want it more and more and add a little something new every time.

just to name a few....

pete's fish and chips
dr. pepper
ned's krazy sub
and last but not least...
cutting my hair

yeah. short hair is addictive. didn't you know? well good thing you read my blog and became informed. cause this addictive action is becoming a problem. especially with your truly.
this is what i have had on my mind lately. 
(i would say "swooning over" but everyone and their dog says that, and i find it quite annoying actually)
i like long hair.
 i really do. 
i wish i had long hair. 
but the fact is, 
i don't.
 and i have zero patience.  
it's a little extreme. and i think i've only come close to having my hair that short ever before.
should i take the jump!?
yea or nay?

Thursday, September 10, 2009

a little surprise....

i am a nanny. 
and as little perks to my job, i get to wake up 5 minutes before i have to LEAVE, 
slap on some clothes, and go to work.
then later on, 
i can come back home with the children, 
put on a movie 
while i take a shower 
and they destroy my house.
that is exactly what happened today. 
except when i opened the shower curtain this afternoon,
this is what i saw.
i knew it was almost her nap time.
but i didn't think she was that tired! 

and i know what you're thinking...
i am a horrible nanny for letting her lie on the nasty bathroom floor 
while i laugh and take pictures!

well- i JUST mopped those floors (although it might not look like it)
and i had to capture this rare and precious moment!
(but mostly it was really really funny)

but yeah, you're right.
i probably am a horrible nanny.

Friday, September 4, 2009

Quick Question...

Have you ever popped a button on your pants (for whatever reason...) and used a zip-tie to fix it?

(can you say Tietjen Noodle!?)

Have you ever Become so obsessed with making headbands?

Have you ever gone on a double date just to do ear candles?

Have you ever forgot a dish with food in it and your kitchen was smelling super rank and you couldn't figure out what it was and then you remembered there was still food in that Crock Pot from two weeks ago and when you went to open it it smelled like a mixture of poop and throw up and it made you gag so bad that you had to find the nearest thing to tie around your mouth/nose area, (that happened to be the pink Richards' Shirt), to shield you from the nastiness and from throwing up in the sink while you washed it and your husband was in the corner almost throwing up and spraying the entire can of air freshener ?


Tuesday, September 1, 2009

I am so in love...

With this.

...story of my life.
This is our post-marriage song.