Friday, June 26, 2009

What We've Been Up To...

So- I am horrible at blogging. so i'll just catch up by giving the low down on what we have been up to lately!

BIKE RIDE EXTRAVAGANZA!- we found a really awesome bike trail in scottsdale and we want to start a bike club! anyone who wants to join is welcome! it will be sooooo fun!

FRIENDS IN TOWN!- a couple of chase's mission friends, andrew and dustin, came into town from provo for our friends, clint and elizabeth's wedding! we had such a fun time!

poor andrew got fried when we went swimming, cut up slip-n-sliding, gashed
and burnt quadding, but he's still smiling!
clint and elizabeth's reception was AMAZING! i took tons of pictures!

for some strange reason they trusted those boys with the key to their house so we could look at it while they were in hawaii! they took alot of funny pictures, and left that picture frame andrew is holding on their bed... its better than what they wanted to do to their house!

SO DELICIOUS... i was skeptical. but chase promised they were good and he used to eat them all the time in brazil! so i trusted him!
all it is is avacado, milk and sugar. but if you like avacados you WILL like this! try it, yo!


CAMPING ON THE FLOOR IN THE DESERT!- we were bored, so we drove the scion out to the desert with some sleeping bags, and there ya go! camping trip!

Except chase got scared that a mountain lion or something was going to bite his head off, so we ended up sleeping in the car... oh well! we still were at the desert!