Wednesday, July 16, 2008

i'm jumping on the band wagon

Ok. so since everyone is cool and has one of these- i guess i could try to be cool too.

Leave me a "MUCHO MUCHO" rad comment about a memory you had with me or dealing with me or anything you remember at all!

I am sure this is going to turn into "tell embarrassing stories about bethany..." but that's ok! I am always up for a good laugh in my expense! There are plenty of things I have done in my youth to make fun of me for, so let's hear 'em!

After you leave your comment on my blog, make the same post on your own blog, so we can share things about you.


Friday, July 11, 2008


Ok- So this is a totally lame thing to blog about, but it was a really big accomplishment for me! My time is precious, and this took alot alot alot of time!



I honestly don't even know how it got like this. When I moved in, I never really moved in, I just kinda threw my stuff in a room and called in good!



yeah? yeah? you likey? ...thought so.

now if only i could do something about that wallpaper. 

Thursday, July 10, 2008

guess what....


nuf sed.

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Break a leg!

ok- i didn't break my leg. But i might as well have!
I mentioned that at Gisela i bashed my knee cap all up going down a water fall!

At first when it hit it was PURE WHITE! and flat?
i watched it as it turned blue, and purple and SWOLLEN.
It was a miracle i hiked out of there because on the way home, i was about to cry just pushing the clutch when i had to down shift! But i am stubborn and i battled through it.

All day saturday, i sacraficed myself and stayed down instead of doing chores. I know i know. i am so selfless.
(but really- it is hard to stay sitting down when everyone around you is moving!)

On Sunday, my awesome Mom took me to the Emergency Room. Every one there was SOO NICE! and mom is so awesome, and really is selfless, for sitting there with me for THREE HOURS! i love that woman.

They gave me a hefty-duty knee brace for my smasheed up knee cap! and my favorite part-heavy duty PAIN MEDS! YAH TRICK YAH YAH!

I look sicky sicky with my gnarly crutches and knee brace! I am not so mobile but at least i am TAN!


Early Friday morning we loaded up the Scion and set out for our adventure!!!!

Max, Chels, Spence, Emma, Coco, and I were off to Gisela!

The ride in the car was a little squished seeing that we had four people in the back and only three seats! But we are a really close family! So we did just fine!

Max is Rad.

If anyone has ever been to Gisela they know the hike down is super fun! For the most part there is a trail, but sometimes you must do a little exploring to find your way through the thick, tall, sticky, bamboo reeds! Future reference: Don't forget your machete.

But finally we got there and wasted no time! Collette and I were first! Then Chels and then Spence.

finally Max, who dragged Emma along with him!

We went down the slide we found a few times ago! The slide is not what you would imagine. It is a slope in the rock that, when wet, is slippery and you can slide right down into the water! But it stops about 20 feet above the water and you free fall the rest of the way! Way awesome!
(but don't go head first!)

Here are some shots of the slide!

View from the top! Right before you go down the slide.

Collette, Spencer, Chels, and I all attempted the (next to) highest cliff! YAH TRICK!

Emma and Matthew chose to boycott the cliffs and relaxed and caught some gnarly crawdads and frogs!

When we all got tired of cliffs, we stopped and had a picnic with some nasty wanna be versions of lunchables! (we'll chose wiser next time!)

We rested a bit and played with TOD The Toad that Coco and I found wedged between two rocks!

After our quick (but nasty) lunch break- WATERFALL TIME! We traveled against the current and found some radical slippery rocks to slide down!


Besides everyone getting sunburnt to death, Collette getting dehydrated, and me smashing up my knee cap, We left with our body parts in tact and no one died. Which is a good thing. (for the most part. )

We hiked up the mountain

whooley whooley whooley whooly

we slid down a fountain

whooley whooley whooley whooley

the water was cold

whooley whooley whooley whooley

beth, spence and coco are bold

whooley whooley whooley whooley

we ate nastty lunchables

whooley whooley whooley whooley

bethany's knee went crunch-able

whooley whooley whooley whooley

we all had a fun time

whooley whooley whooley whooley

this is the end of our rhyme

whooley whooley whooley