Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Good Bye, Bumbo. You were good to me.

I was standing next to him doing my hair. My gaze was on the mirror trying to get my braid just right. 
I coud hear him giggling so I knew he was fine and happy. 
Next thing I knew, 
I looked over, 
and saw this. 

I don't know how this happened. 
But I cried a sad cry for the day he managed to escape the Bumbo.

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Oh, hello. Let us catch up, shall we?

December through February is usually a busy time for everyone, being filled with holidays and starting the new year. But over here, every single thing the average person celebrates throughout the long and joyous year lands in these three months on top of the hustle and bustle these months already make out to be.

There is my birthday, Christmas, New Years, our anniversary, Chase's birthday, and Valentines day, just to name a few.
Not to mention all the work, school, road trips, laundry, crafting, sewing, hosting that fill the spaces in between.

So, although i have already told most people close to me everything extraordinary there is to know about our tedious lives, this is my blog, so i will document it again.
But, I will be concise and straight to the point.

Let's start form the top; 
My Twenty-Second Birthday.
(December 16th)
Chase surprised me and took me to The Melting Pot.
If you have never been, I recommend it. Since it was my birthday, they put us in what I can only describe as a little cubicle big enough for maybe 1.5 human beings. 
There was a curtain that closed us in so we we very secluded. 
It was a little squished and very dark, but maybe thats what makes it romantic?  
This picture is horrific, but it's what I've got!
We ordered all three courses and three different fondues. Freaking delicious. 
(But not so freaking delicious the next day. Eat it there and don't take any home with you.)

A few days later we had Chase's Mission buddy, Andrew, come stay with us while he was in Arizona for an interview to get into medical school. To say we had a lot of fun would be an understatement. 


Our Christmas went a lot smoother than I had thought. We are still getting a hang of the whole two families-one holiday thing, but the day was awesome. 

Oak rode Nelly for the first time.

Drooly Elf...

New Years Eve! 
Molly put together the Most amazing party based off the show 
I made movies of every single game (which was a lot).  So, I tried to just put together my favorite few, but too many are just too hilarious. if you have a plethora of time to waste, watch all of these. 
I'm not sure why they didn't upload in very good quality....but they'll still make you laugh.

And then, of course fireworksxkxkxkxkkx!

Initiation into Fatherhood
Oakley gave Chase what every good dad needs...
...a good spit-up straight on the head.
After Oak spit up, Chase was freaking out and almost threw Oak off his shoulders as he ran straight to the bathroom to wash his head, but I made him hold still while i grabbed the camera. Chase was literally gagging while i snapped this little gem. I could not stop laughing. 

Our Two year Anniversary 
(January 15th)
This year we wanted to just take it easy. 
We agreed to get each other small, sentimental gifts this year and just spend the day together.
We went to Forefather's and made a trip to IKEA. 
I made Chase an "Adventure Book" documenting events of our lives together all the way from when we  became best friends, getting married, buying a house, all the cars we've owned, all the jobs we've had, getting a dog, going on trips, having a child and all the little things in between.
I love this movie.

I didn't want to make it scrapbooky so i kept the cuteness to a minimum. I just wanted it simple like the one in the movie. 

In February we were blessed enough to have My favorite short sister, her husband and pulchritudinous baby Ruby come stay with us for the month. 

Oakey Dokey and Ruby Dooby were friends at first forceful push together sight. 
For reals. Oak was obsessed with Ruby. He would growl, grunt and squeal for Ruby to enter into his grasp. Good thing he isn't mobile quite yet, 
or Ruby would have suffered a tragic fate.
Our home seems too quiet without our friends. 
Oakley and i are lonely during the day now!

Now on to
Chase's Twenty-fourth Birthday
The actual anniversary of Chase's birth was uneventful and pretty lame. He had work all day and school all night. I am pretty sure all we did was watch our Thursday shows and go to bed.
But don't feel too sad for poor Chasey Face. We had a special trip planned just for the occasion. 
The week after his birthday we drove to Calif-for-ni-a and picked up his gifty.

Sounds like a funny idea for a birthday present, i know. But it's an extra special, super-duper, awesome bumper that will help him do more of this kind of stuff:

Valentine's Day

Nothing too crazy or exciting to report.
Again, we just laid low and stayed out of the craziness. 
Oakley and I drove out to Phoenix and went to lunch with ChaCha, instead of dinner. 
Chase spoiled me with flowers and gifts.
i was a happy girl.

This is getting long so, i will wrap this up. 
But before i do....

a little Cuteness...

Laundry isn't so bad when Oakley helps.