Wednesday, November 17, 2010

THREE MONTHS!?! seriously?!

He loves to scratch his nose.
Still a snorter.
Laughed once.
Smiles often.
Rolls over from tummy to back.
Pulls his pacifier out to suck on his hand.
Can't stand to lay flat.
He is always doing crunchers trying to sit up.
Loves to lick crackers.
He's getting the general idea about tickling.
Eyes are still dark crystal blue.
When he grabs your fingers he'll do a pull up.
Getting chunkier everyday.
Cries at Papa. (I think its the beard.)
Drools A LOT.
Loves loves loves to be naked.
Eats a magnificent amount for such a small tyke.
Can't wait to meet his cousins in CO next week! 

I know, he is adorable. No need to tell me.
But, you can if you want. :)

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

All my posts have to do with Oakley....

We went to the Nash's ward Halloween trunk or treat 
this year as a little ghost family.

And he is just a freaking cute giraffe. 

my friend lindsay is having a baby girl this month. girl stuff is just so much fun to make with all the frills and tulle and cute fabric. so, i whipped out the sewing machine and got to work.

i was short on baby girl models. so, i made do with what i had. 
I only wish i made a cute headband or something 
to make him look a little more like a girl. 

The "H" is for Hadley.