Thursday, November 6, 2008

whoa.. here it goes.

so a new post is long past over due!
i will update my life for the heck of it. (not like everyone doesn't already now what's goin on...)
to start off....
praise the Lord.
anyone who has known me, or have had an actual conversation with me since august 2006, probably knows who chase is. But just in case you don't, he's my best friend.
so after two loooong, years of no communication except letters, packages and the occasional secret phone call on christmas, he's back in the good ol' U S of A! We have played EVERYDAY since that blessed day he got off the plane. happy happy happy. In the little more than three months he has been home we have been on road trips to St, George, Provo, and Salt Lake Utah, to The Rogers' Ranch, been quadding, to the AZ State Fair,
gone to the lake a handful of times, and the list could go on. I probably could have blogged about each of those, but i am busy girl! my deepest regrets.
^SLC Temple^
^Park City w/o snow^
^On top of the Conference Center, SLC^
In case you didn't already know, we are really cool.
On to my next "big thing"...
I MOVED!!!!!!!!! after a series of random events.... i am now living ON MY OWN. literally.. ALONE!
at first it was scary, but i am getting braver. [only 10 more weeks anyway.... :)]
i have a sweet table (thanks mom) and a sweet TV hutch (thanks chris and katie) and a sweet awesome huge couch (thanks shaina's dad and step mom) and a sweet bookshelf (thanks chels) and a sweet desk (thanks chels again) and the list goes on and on. as you can tell, i am loved. (feel free to lend/give me anything.)
It is so much fun!!!!! i have the best neighbors surrounding me ever! it makes living alone feel safer.
i have a new job! i am still a nanny. now serving a new family in TEMPE.
I miss BRODY like KA-RAZY! but i do like these little boys alot too..... OWEN AND CARTER.
owen is 4. carter is 7. they love NINJA TURTLES, POWER RANGERS, and STAR WARS.

I'M ENGAGED!!!!!!!!!
I bet no one saw it coming.
Let me tell you how this came to be. So, we talked about getting married for the first time probably
about...ummm... three years ago. The only thing that had to happen first was (a) graduate high
school (hahahahahhaha) and (b) serve the Lord on a mission for two years. Now that both those
things have been hereby accomplished, what else were we waiting for???
So, we have been 'dating' since he's been home and we both knew what was coming. He had been
plotting with Katie and Molly for awhile now (i don't know if i was supposed to know that?) but i
knew i wasn't allowed to look at his phone just in case i saw some secret combinations going on
between him and my sisters! All i knew was that when he popped the questions, it was gonna be
BIG! he asked crazy questions all the time! and now i see he was just trying to lead me off the trail!
So when we went to the Temple on wednesday to eat a pizza from papa john's (woot woot). Even
though the Temple is a little cliche, and it seems obvious enough to foreshadow such an event, i
honestly wasn't expecting him to do ANYTHING! for real. But he really wanted to stay for a long time!
so finally when he said let's go. i said okay, grabbed my bag and started walking to the car. I didn't get
too far when he said "hey!" I turned around and there he was down on one knee and little box in his
hands. He opened the box and said "will you marry me?" i said...
"are you serious?!" he said uhh yeah. is that a yes? . I said absolutely!

We are getting married JANUARY 15TH 2009! you all are invited. buy us lots of presents.
anyone thinking about getting married/engaged- i highly recommend it. freaking awesome fun!