Thursday, October 21, 2010

things i never thought i'd say...

i have been noticing things that i do and say lately that seem normal at the time, but once i stop to think about it, it's a little comical.

  • i never thought i would say "good job!" (and mean it) when someone burped a big one.
  • the idea of someone spitting up on me what they just ate seemed repulsive, now it's just wipe it up and call it good.
  • i never thought i would be so happy to see a poopy diaper!
  • i never thought i would squeal and then laugh when someone peed on me while giving them a bath. 

it's funny how one little person can change your entire life and all your perspective that you once (thought you) had.

but i like being happy when he burps and poops. 
i love being a mom.

Wednesday, October 20, 2010


My little guy is 

He makes the most hilarious faces.

he smiles at nearly everything i say to him.

he loves to stick out his tongue. 

he has a crazy fascination with the bars on our headboard. 
he stares and stares and sometimes smiles at them.

he snorts (a lot) when he's anxious (i.e. when he's about to eat).

he stops everything for the mobile in his crib.

he gasps, coos and makes lots of happy noises. 

he's getting so much thick and ultra fuzzy hair.

so adorable.

Monday, October 18, 2010

I need more Tylenol PM.

it's the middle of the night and i can't sleep. so, i thought i'd do something productive, (if you count blogging as productive?). my last post was what i thought about while oakley cried. this post would most accurately be named;

what i think about after oak goes to sleep fabulously without a peep and while chase snores louder than something really loud that i can't think of right now.

just a forewarning, this is more of a rant. 

some things that human beings do in general bother me so badly. 
let me name a few;

  • when people leave trash in my car.
  • when people say "how can you know you don't like it if you've never tried it?!" because trust me! i know i will not like cheese from a squirt can.
  • when people refer to pregnant woman as "about to POP".
  • when people say they have a migraine when they just have a bad headache.
  • when people smoke near entrances forcing me to walk through their cancer cloud.
ok- it might be more than a few things that bother me. but let me tell you something that has been particularly bothering me lately. 

  • when people use "well" and "good" interchangeably and incorrect. 
i try to not be "that guy/girl" who always corrects people's grammar. so, i just bite my tongue and listen and try not to think about it. but i am holding in all this grammatical error-anger and i can't stand it anymore! maybe that's a bit dramatic. 

here's a quick lesson about when to properly use "well" and "good" in a sentence. 

i'll just summarize the lesson i would teach 4th graders. 

WELL is an adverb.
it is used when using a verb. (action word)
 "you sing well." the verb is sing. the adverb is well.

GOOD is an adjective.
it is used to describe a noun. (person, place, or thing)
 "that steak is good" the noun steak. the adjective is good.

also there are exceptions like “the pizza looks good,” because the verb involved (looks) is a linking verb, connecting the subject (pizza) with information about it.

 does that make sense? 

here's a summary to my summary.

WELL= referring to health ("i feel well, thank you")
or when someone/thing does something exceptional.
GOOD= everything else. "i'm good." "good job." "what a good dog." (unless you say "what a well behaved dog" because in that case, to behave is a verb and well is the adverb)

get it?

anyway- it just bothers me. 


Thursday, October 7, 2010

this is a new little bloggity segment i'd like to call:

things i think about while oakley is screaming in the middle of the night and i am trying to get him to sleep.
(that includes the idea for this post.)

  • i should make a lot of wipey cases so i can start selling them. I think i will start an etsy shop cause that seems the easiest anyway. hope chase won't mind.

  • i am pretty much stressing out big time about oakley's blessing day even though so many people are helping me out. what will i wear? all my clothes are either maternity or too small. i hate my hips. i need to go shopping for the food for his after-blessing brunch. that includes making crepes. i have never made a crepe in my life. i need to call katie richards. 

  • chase snores really loud. no wonder oakley can't sleep.

  • i think i want to get out the boxes of letters that chase and i wrote to each other while he was in brazil and put them chronological order. then i'll put them in page protector sleeves in a folder. then our kids can read them if they want to when they're older. that would be cute. 

  • i really want to go on a vacation. we haven't been on a real trip together since april for conference. chase wants to go to spain or italy. that would be fun. but i would be fine with driving to payson and sleeping in a tent. 

  • what if i had to go into labor again- TONIGHT! that would suck. what if i got pregnant like next month. that would really suck. for my next baby i will most definitely have a water birth. and i will schedule the photographer before i have the baby so he/she can still be new-new and sleep through the entire shoot. if we have a girl her name is claire or nora. if we have a boy i like cade. chase doesn't like cade. we'll see. 

  • i can not wait for these two ladies to come down tomorrow!!!!!!!
i chose the ones where they both have princess crowns on. 
we are going to have so much fun!

  • i wonder why babies spit up so much. is it normal? does it hurt? oak can touch his eye ball with his finger and it doesn't even phase him. i hope he doesn't have a weird disease where his eye balls don't have feeling. maybe babies are just born with those abilities. 

  • i am glad we have 3 more seasons of "how i met your mother" before we are caught up. after that we need a new show to watch every night. i dread finding a new show. i get so comfortable in my show. and when people try to suggest new shows for us to watch, we either have seen them all already, or refuse to watch them; i.e. lost or dexter.

  • i saw this documentary called something like "most deadliest drug" or something from the national geographic channel. it was about meth. i couldn't believe my eyes or ears! it was intense. i really enjoy that type of thing. i think drug addicts, dysfunctional families, abusive relationships, psychological disorders and things like that are interesting. don't get me wrong. i don't think they are good. they are bad. i don't find pleasure in them. i just think they are interesting to learn about in a psychological manner. is that weird? does that make me a psychopath? probably. 

  • this post i really long and boring. im sorry. if you made it thus far, CONGRATULATIONS! this was really only a fraction of the things i thought about during the hours of getting oaky dokey to sleep. this will most likely be the one and only post of it's kind. my thoughts are kind of boring.

Friday, October 1, 2010

i love looking through old pictures.

This is of one of the very first times we ever hung out. 
(remember this night, Cait?!)

New Years Eve.
We were driving in Cailtin's old, awesome, rickety blazer.
Pedal to the metal.
Down a neighborhood street.
Hit the deep dip in the road.
Scream and go flying.
Then turn around and do it again.

I didn't like Chase yet. 
[he had a girlfriend...and not to mention his hair... ;) ]

But I think this night he became one of my best friends.

Who'da thunk almost 6 years later we would be married with this adorable 7 week old baby?!