Friday, November 13, 2009

Getting the "baby" out of my system.

So it seems like everyone around me is is trying to, or going to, or just had a BABY.

This situation is perfect for me :)
I can get all "the baby" out of my system by simply using everyone else's babies!

I am a little stupid though. I forgot to take pictures before i gave most of everything away.

I started making little cute whipey cases that are freaking adorable and have seen them sell on etsy shops for a gazillion dollars.  Just in case you don't know what i'm talking about, here is a picture.

(keep in mind, i DID NOT make these ones. 
i just found this picture in a google search.)

Then I saw Molly's adorable baby, Daisy, and the freaking cute thing she was sucking on.

Molly is so creative and cute, so I stole her idea and made some bling-bling pacifiers too
to help relieve the need for all things baby.

But the most fun project that i did were hats! And i didn't even copy/steal anyones idea!
Yay me for being somewhat original in my creativity!

Riley Cait Howard

Daisy Lou Reynolds

Now i am all out of friends with girl babies... :(
and i bet Molly and Caitlin are sick of me texting them saying i have another present for their baby.
So, will someone else have a baby soon, so that i can get all my motherly hormones out of my system!?

Friday, November 6, 2009


When we got Nelly, we were unaware that she was really sick. But after a very expensive visit to the Vet, 9 different shots a day, and an IV twice a day for a week, she's all better!
We loved her too much after just even on the ride home to let her be sick.

She was really lethargic when we brought her home, and we thought she was just a calm puppy.
But now that she doesn't have Parvo, she is more than a handful to say the least.
She chews anything, anywhere.
And she's already grown like 6 feet since we've had her!

I get sooo sad when I have to leave her to go to work
and I hear her whining cause she wants to come with me.
If i feel this way about a DOG,
I wonder what it will be like when I have a human CHILD!

Come by and visit our new puppy child!
(but don't bring any puppies that haven't had their shots, cause Parvovirus stays for like a year!)