Friday, June 20, 2008


Ok- so (by popular demand), I have joined the BLOGGING WORLD!!!
I don't know what I will blog about these days, because everyday in my life is identical for the most part- but, what the hey!!!!!

to start things out-

8 lesser known facts about moi!

numero uno-

Ever since I learned to write, (thanks chels), I have loved to write! I used to write story after story when I was younger, just for fun. When I was ten years old, I discovered something amazing- A JOURNAL. I began to record my amazingly, interesting, ten year old life, everyday, and I have done it ever since!

Nearly ten years later, I have accumulated many more journals in my life, and I have filled them all. Now I have a record of my life for the past 9 years and 7 months. It comes in handy alot, because if i ever have an argument about how or when something happened, i can always just look back in my journal and refresh my memory! ( and of course, i always win the argument :))

numero dos-
My nickname all during high school and still now (with my close friends) is/was BOY.
Let me tell you how this came to be- I actually don't even know how this came to be? But all my close friends, were of the male gender. They all teased me that i was just one-of-the-guys. We all just hung out everyday and somehow the name Boythany arised as a clever variation of my name. We all had a good chuckle from that one. But it stuck. Then from there, to shorten it a bit, I was always known as Boy.

SIDE NOTE: A little word of advice to anyone who is thinking about only having boys as friends. It is very fun. Boys are so chill and less drama and more fun than girls, BUT- beware when they turn 19, they will leave you for a better cause, and you will be foreced to communicate through letter writing.

numero tres-


someday i will have one.

numero quatro-

I used to think ALL girl missionaries were weird. And I am not going to lie, alot of them are (but they have sweet spirits!....)

But as i have grown up to be the mature, awesome, young women i am today, i have developed a longing to serve a full time mission. I think what it was actually that made me change my mind about serving a mission, was seeing the gigantic changes that happened with all my friends currently serving. I wish i could live to serve everyday! Man, that would be so rad.
i look good with name tag! i know, right?!

numero cinco-

I am crazy. When i get stressed or forlorn in anwway, I pull my eyelashes out. Not on purpose. I don't even know i am doing it until i just have done it and then i'm like... "SHOOT MANOOT!"
Trichotillomaniacs rule.
For further description look at Katie's blog. She's a fellow 'maniac.

numero seis-

Most people know this one- but i figured i'll just throw it in here anyway!

I am a full time Nanny. AND I LOVE IT! I get paid to play. And i have the best boys and the best bosses. Brody is 5. I watch him all day. The other boys, Braxton (7) and Preston (9), are usually at school or summer school. So i only watch them before and after school. We have so much fun everyday!!!

This is Brody's beloved blanket, "Boppy". ------->

He is not an "it"! He is Brody's best friend and comes along with us EVERYWHERE. It is a traumatic event when Boppy is missing. It is necessary to stop everything and make frantic search.

Every day it seems like Brody or the other boys does something unbelievably hilarious! Brody is ridiculous. One day, for the ENTIRE day, he tried to convince me he lived in Costco. All day he continued to think of new things to make me believe he lived there. He said he sleeps on the tallest shelf, and he puts towels on the floor so when he wakes up he can jump off and land in the towels. He said he eats watermellon all day for every meal. He rides around in the big machines that move the large boxes when his feet get tired of walking. He only comes over to his "parents" house when he knows i am coming to pick him up so i don't have to drive all the way to his house at Costco. How thoughtful of him.

Another day, we were making our daily drives around the valley and we pulled up to a stop light right next to an old beat up VW Bug. Brody rolled down his window and got really excited. When i looked back to see what he was up to, he was shouting something out the window! I stopped him and told him it's not polite to yell at people! He then answered, "NO! Bethany! That car is alive!! I Promise! I saw it on a movie!!!"

He is still learning about the world, and sometimes I forget he's just barely five as of last week. If you ever need a good laugh, have five minute conversation with this little guy.

numero siete-

I have never been on a plane. Noooope, never. Not cause i am scared, (cause i'm not). But just because, i never have!

numero ocho-

It is scientifically proven that the way the area is around you, determines your attitude. Example- If you live in a mess- your life will be a mess.

I love to clean. It makes me happpy! Cleaning, to me, is like a natural high. I love washing dishes, i love vacuuming, dusting, picking up, laundry, windows, scrubbing, AND ESPECIALLY
i love organizing. i just love to clean.

(and i am a really good sweeper, because of chris!)

WELL! there you have it!
peace out.