Thursday, July 8, 2010

Two Hundred Thirty Days Down; Fifty More To Go

Having such a large stomach makes my butt look small.

Growing Up and Moving On: An Ode To Blanket.

Many years ago my mom made all us kids quilts as a part of Christmas. There are a lot of kids equaling a lot of quilts and a lot of work. 
I remember when my mom gave them to us she said something along the lines of every stitch she made she thought of how much she loved us, so every time we cuddle up in the blanket she wanted us to think of how much she loves us. I took that to heart and cuddled with it nearly every night since that day. I can only think of a handful of times that I didn't have my blanket. I even brought it on my honeymoon. 
Chase was a little jealous at first that I cuddle with it all night long.

Well, now my blanket is worn and falling apart. 
I am afraid that if I keep using it, soon there will be nothing left. 
It's pink is faded. 
It's batting is thin.
It literally is disintegrating.
It has been torn then patched up and sewn many many times.
I told Chase that soon I will need to put my beloved blanket on the shelf before it gets even worse. 
Yesterday he came home with this to help ease the pain. 

It even was wrapped up like a perfect little gift.

So, I said my goodbyes, gave a kiss to blanket, and put him on the shelf. 
Last night was my first night sleeping with my new blanket.
And I didn't even feel disloyal to my old friend. 
It is what he would have wanted. 

After many years of dragging him wherever I went,  hard nights when I missed Chase half way around the world, and many, many mascara stains from wiping away tears, he is on the shelf safe and sound.

Good bye old pal. We had a good run.