Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Easter Weekend Extravaganza

On Thursday Chase and I went to our second ultrasound. 
Did you know there is a HUMAN BEING in my belly?
I wouldn't beleive it either if i hadnt seen it for myself. 
Not just ANY human being....
a boy!
So were we.
But mostly so excited.  

For the last couple years we've made a tradition out of going to conference and spending the weekend with good friends. This year made no exceptions. 
So Thursday directly after the appointment, we headed up to Utah with 
Thanks to the snow and ice and all that fun stuff, we didn't make it there till 3am!
Here is our weekend in pictures. 

We looked high and low for a sled but resorted to trash bags. 
(which was Elizabeth's fabulous idea!)

Freezing. I have 3 coats on. 

Just your average BYU students playing a good old fashion game of Quidditch. 
With brooms and all. 

Best Brazilian meat on a sword ever. 

Brazil Fortaleza Mission Reunion

Drink of choice. 

Easter morning. 

General Conference April 2010