Thursday, August 27, 2009

Dinner Games.

So, after work yesterday Chasey Face and I went to run some of our long list of errands.
First on the list was to get all our textbooks for the upcoming semester
that actually started 3 days ago.
So, after spending our life's savings on books we will probably hardly use
(most of them used of course...),
we were hungry.
We both love us some good Chipotle- so Chipotle it was!
I love to eat. AND I love to play games.
so why not do both at once!
(i know-smart.)

Chase and I play this game called
"guess what person in Chipotle drives what car parked outside Chipotle"
The name is part instructions to the game.
Then we sit and watch as each person finishes up eating and
walks to their automobile of choice.
It takes quite the skill and you would be surprised who-drives-what most the time.
Regardless of what you may think- I usually win. :)

We also might throw in another game if we are feeling crazy called
"guess the occupations of the people eating inside chipotle"
Again with the two in one name/game instructions.
I usually win this one too.
Even though we never really know who wins
because we don't exactly follow anyone to their job.
(I want to, but Chase said its probably not a good idea.)
But i just have a gut feeling- I'm usually always right.
Plus- Chase always thinks everyone lives at home with their mom.
That's his answer 99% of the time. I'm serious.

What games do YOU play when you eat!?
Please do share!

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

oh boy.... hahahahhahahahahahah

Chase emailed this to me today.....

Thursday, August 6, 2009

Hey, let's drive to Colorado... right now.

ON FRIDAY as i was sitting on the couch feeding Sanvi a bottle, i thought to myself 'This is the longest day of my life. Then i looked at the clock and i still had 8 hours left of work...

Ok, it wasn't really that dramatic- but I'm serious... Friday was soooo long. And to make it even longer, right after work, I was scheduled to cater! (Which was SUPER fun because it was with Katie R. and it was easy peasy).

So, I FINALLY get to go home and Chase is there waiting for me. I sit down and he says
"Let's go somewhere."

I'm thinking movies, out to eat.. blah blah. So I say alright!
Then he says ...
"Let's just pack a bag, go to the airport and find the cheapest flight."

I wasn't completely against this idea. I needed some excitement! So after looking up cheap flights + hotels and the whole shabang, we decided to drive somewhere instead. And that somewhere is somewhere Chase grew up and somewhere I've always wanted to go!
So there you have it! We packed our bags, booked a hotel, got directions and were out of there by midnight!
We drove alllllllllllllll night.
I fell asleep for a few hours and woke up to this...
awww.. i loved Colorado already.
We finally got there at 10 am.
(we probably would have gotten there soooner if we hadn't stopped to sleep in New Mexico on the side of the road for an hour for the sake of not swerving off the road and dying in a horrific accident and no one would have known where we were.)

New Mexico... Truly the Land Of Enchantment.

After getting to Colorado, we stopped at a bathroom to freshen up and change our clothes, then went straight to the GOLD MINE TOUR! Which was Awesome! (and freezing!)

Before the tour started we panned for gold. Chase was so excited he found one!

I gave up and just filled my gold bag full of sand.

We are all suited up and ready to go!
(keep in mind neither of us had ANY sleep)

We rode in big yellow carts that rode on the tracks down the mine. I wish i had a picture.
You could seriously feel the degrees dropping.

Our guide used some REALLY loud machinery to demonstrate how they do it!

Our guide, Frank. He was super friendly to me,
but didn't want to take the picture with Chase hahahahah

After the mine, we went down to the old rundown mill to see what they did with the gold after they mined it. We didn't take the tour, we just walked around and looked at the awesome old buildings. I couldn't help thinking this place would have been AWESOME to take wedding photos at!
So, we tried to take our own.
Failed attempt.

The buildings were awesome.

We also went to a honey factory.

Those are bees.

We walked downtown to the shops and found a flea market that was rad, and all the houses looked like this.

People actually lived in them!

Everywhere was so beautiful... we couldn't help ourselves.

This one's for Chels. We saw it downtown in a corner.

I think you can officially say, i am obsessed with CO. I would move there in a minute!

I think i liked this trip so much because nothing at all was planned!
I think we'll start doing that more often!

Monday, August 3, 2009

So, I was about to write this post and it all seemed too familiar. Then i realized i had just written the same thing in my journal.
So instead of wasting time, you all get a sneak peek into my very own personal journal.

(nobody was ever meant to read these.... so please excuse the sloppy writing and grammatical mistakes. )


This past weekend...

Three years ago, Chase left on his mission.

And just 1 year ago, he came home.

I love to look back and see all we've been through.

Most of it was really hard.

But all of it was worth it.