Thursday, March 4, 2010


For Christmas, (or maybe my birthday?...i can't remember...they're close) 
Chase made me a website/ shop with unlimited item space, so I can start my own little shop! 

I was a little scared (and still am) 
but I think I just need to push myself and do it. 
It could be fun, yeah? 

So, i am super excited cause it doesn't just have to be things I make!
 I want to include all the awesome things my mom and sisters make too! 
(they are all waaaay more creative than me! and i have unlimited item space! yay!)

Well, I need help. 
Chase thought of the name all by himself and purchased the domain name before he "gave" it to me.
It was cute to see what he came up with,
but i hate it. : /
Not a big deal, cause he can always transfer the content to another domain name.
So, now i just need to think of a name for the shop and so he can create the 
domain name and get things rolling!


any ideas for an awesome name?
I don't want anything too common like "shabby chic shop"
everyone and their mom has that name. 
i seriously can't even think of one thing. 
I think my growing baby takes all my brains away and I feel like I'm going insane!

help me out!