Monday, October 26, 2009


Chasey Face and I are squatters, it's true.  We are living in a vacant house, that isn't ours, for free.
And we absolutely love it!

Chris and Katie moved to Colorado, but still have their house here, in Mesa. And until they can sell it, we are keeping it extra safe!!!!!
[you're welcome ;)]

I always knew i would love living in a house, but let me tell you,
I LOOOOOOOOVE LIVING IN A HOUSE! especially this one.

It's really fun spreading out all of our stuff! We had all of our things crammed and squished in one room at our apartment! Now we have more space and storage than we know what to do with! We have an OFFICE and a CRAFT ROOM and a GUEST ROOM and a MASTER BEDROOM and more than 1 BATHROOM and a BACKYARD for our bikes and 2 LIVING ROOMS!  Its a little overwhelming!

Although you may not think there are bad things about a house, there are. Let me name a few that i have encountered thus far;

1. I lose my shoes everyday. Now there is more than 1 room to take my shoes off at.
This poses a problem when I have to leave for work and end up running around the house in a frantic mess to find where I took my shoes off at,

2. I have to yell for Chase. In our 1 bedroom apartment I could talk to Chase from any room perfectly fine in a normal voice. Now, I have to yell to find where he's at.

3. I can't think of anything else bad.

Obviously, the good things outweigh the bad things a million to 1!
I am so happy to be here.
And i love cleaning it too.
I feel so grown up like a real wifey.

We are so blessed to have such amazing family in our lives.
I honestly don't know where I would be without my family
always looking out for me and standing there by my side.

And, I just want to say thank you to My big brother Christopher and his angel of a wife, my wonderful sister-in-law Katie, for thinking of us and entrusting us with their beautiful home. I promise we are taking good care of it!