Monday, June 14, 2010

I Can't Sleep Anymore

I don't know what it is, but i just can't sleep anymore. 
I used to zonk out and good luck trying to wake me up! 
But, lately I just lay in bed begging my body to sleep. 
So, I decided to make the time I just lay there a little more efficient.

I started this project of a bath mat a while ago, but broke two needles in the process so I gave it a rest. 
Then one restless night I got up and finished it :). 
It's not what I was imagined it to look like, but whatev! 
All it is, is two old towels sewn together and then a cute fabric sewn around the edges. The end.
I took this picture before it was actually completed with my phone (hence the bad quality). 
So there's still some pins poking out here and there. 
 I am just too lazy to go downstairs to get the camera and take a real picture.
 So use your imagination a little bit and pretend the sides are tucked under and sewn! 
This is our guest bathroom and is still not finished. 
Now that I have time in the day, I am slowly piecing our house together. 
(Something I should have done months ago.) 
I still have the entire upstairs to paint and get pretty. : /

This was actually a momentous occasion; marking the first time I ever sewed my finger. 
Hopefully the last time as well.
It was painful. 
And bloody. 
I suggest not to try it. 

Wednesday, June 9, 2010


I found this photobooth picture from about a year ago and was hesitant to post it. 
But it is far too hilarious to deprive you of it. 

Ps. don't be surprised if i delete this post soon. 

Monday, June 7, 2010

All of May (WARNING! Extra long post....)

Since I haven't blogged for all of May, I will give you the big scoop. (Mostly for the out-of-staters).

1) We bought this little beauty.

2) We sold this little beauty.

3) Got violated in my own driveway.  I don't think I had ever been so angry at a person. It was probably just pregnancy hormones shooting out every which way, but I was livid! (ps. i love being prego. You can blame anything you want on the fact that you are growing a human, and people just take it :))

4) For (future) Mother's Day, Chase bought me a new sewing machine! It's nothing fancy, but i absolutely love it. I have been using my mom's old one, and although I love that one and love that she trusted me with it, I DO love having a new one!  I have been busy sewing to say the least!

5) I made 16 skirts for the girls in my class' Spring Concert Hoe Down. I am a fool and didn't even take a single picture. And i actually didn't even get to go to the Spring Concert by a series of unfortunate events and by going to a place I am all too familiar with; THE ER.

6) I ((reluctantly)) went to the ER because I had been having A LOT of pain in one particular part of my belly. It could have been problems with the placenta, but turned out I just ripped my six pack muscles instead of letting them slowly thin out. I guess I am just too hardcore.
But it is pretty awesome being pregnant at the emergency room. They rush you back and put you at the top of the list! We were there a total of 4 hours versus the usual 40!
But while we are on this subject, I just wanted to say an official THANK YOU to all my brothers and sisters who prayed for me while I was nervously sitting in the hospital bed. It's a scary feeling that I felt that day. I usually don't worry about myself and my health the way I should, but when there is another human being depending on me to take care of myself, it changed my perspective completely. I hardly even fought my mom when she said I need to go to the ER!
And to top it all off, my UH-MAZE-ING sister, Molly made me the dinner the next day. I love all my sisters and brothers. They are way too good to me and I could never even begin to repay them they way they deserve. Thanks again Molly!

Chicken and Dumplings!

Pumpkin Cobbler (I ate every bite! It only lasted like 2 days.)

7) I made freak awesome pillows. They are a little rough around the petals, but i was super proud of myself for figuring it out without any instructions. I know, I am so humble. ha
I saw this flowery pillow at Kohl's for $45! And being the daughter of my mother, i said "I could make that." and so I did! It took 2 hours of my life, but I did it nonetheless.

8) We found out the hard(nasty) way that Nelly is in heat. Ew.  I say, keep her outside till she's done with it. But Chase is too soft hearted and can't stand the thought of her being exiled to the backyard. But have no fear! Chase whipped up this little beaut so she could jump and drool and run around my nice clean house all she wants. Oh yay. Thank heaven for his inventive brain.

9) SUMMER TIME! School's out. That means work is out too. Except for the runs to Hobby Lobby with Katie and hanging at Mom and Dad's with everyone, I get so bored sitting at home, who knows WHAT I'll end up doing! Probably end up cooking dinner one of these days. But- who knows.

10) My tummy is getting bigger everyday. I thought I would be this big by the end of my pregnancy! But sadly, no. I still have more than 11 weeks to grow and stretch out the rest of my clothes. It is so fun though! besides the fact that I can never get comfortable and my body parts fall asleep 7x as fast as normal, I absolutely LOVE feeling him move! When people ask me what it feels like, I can only think of "Imagine a little person is inside of you. And then they move and scrape the inside of your tummy. That is exactly what it feels like." But, boy does it tickle! I am ultra-ticklish on my stomach. Every time he turns over or changes position, I can't help but laugh or at least smile because it feels like someone is tickling me! At night he really wakes up. Which is a little ironic cause i sleep at night. I just lay in bed trying  not to laugh so Chase can sleep, while he has a parade inside me! I must look like a mega goof when I am by myself in a public place and I just start laughing and grabbing my bulging stomach. But it's like mine and Polka-Dot's little inside joke.

11) I have been looking at pictures of myself from a year or two ago, and I get a little tiny bit depressed. I WAS SO SKINNY. And if anyone would have told me that back then, I would have laughed at them. Everyone knows that when you're pregnant, your belly grows. But I never knew everything else gets bigger too! I mean, HOLY COW! For reals!? Face, arms, legs, hips. The whole sha-bang. My poor body.  (I used to be tan too :)... this was the day Chase came home from his mission 2 years ago. I can't even button one button of that shirt now...i tried. hahaha)

Welll! That's about it for all of May! Now that I don't have work I will have more time, and you will get to enjoy lots more posts about boring nothingness!!! YAY!