Saturday, July 30, 2011

the only place to be when it's summer in the valley, is anywhere but the valley.

we are so lucky to have friends. we are also so lucky to have friends who invite us up north. we went up to northern az a few times this summer and it is so nice to just sit around, eat, play games, spend time with awesome people and not sweat through every layer of clothing. 

and fyi...i don't think anyone beat me at 'ticket to ride' the entire time. 

i freaking love these pictures even though they 
aren't taken very well. 
cecily's face is priceless.and then on the last one, jocelyn cracks me up with that big nonchalant grin she is wearing. 
i love these girls. 

oakley loved the quads too. just not as fast. 

see that dirt bike back there? chase taught me how to ride it. 
i'm pretty sure he even took a movie of my first attempt.
but, seeing as i am not a huge fan of public humiliation, i decided not to put it up.

 hadley and oakley are best friends.
or at least they will be, after we train them to be best friends.

training in progress

parks can be fun when it's not a bajillion degrees outside. 
who knew?!

more quads. as usual.

 a lot of dirt + 4 hours of running the hose = mud

mud = happy boys. 

lindsay and i took a million pictures of our adorable babies. 
because, seriously, who wouldn't want to take a million pictures of our adorable babies???

...and the boys talked about... phone stuff.

i always realize after looking through all my pictures that i didn't get any of myself or anyone other than oakley and whoever happens to be holding oakley. i guess i need to stop being so obsessed with the little goob and take some more pictures. i'll try harder next time, 


Lindsay said...

Love all the pics!! I still need to post mine, I'm way behind! Oakley man is so cute! Hadley can't wait to see him! It's been tooo long!

Mike and Esther said...

cute cute cute! post more often woman! and i know what you mean about never being in any pictures. i do that with my nieces and nephews and they arent even mine. Those two are stinkin adorable.

Katie said...

OMG! I love those photos of the girls with Chris!!! Can you email them to me? Thanks for taking them. I haven't been very good at photos since we left CO. (weird huh?)