Friday, July 29, 2011

Summer Time and New Tricks

hello. it's been awhile. oakley is like seven times the size as he was when i last posted.

i have lived in the east valley my entire life. but, every summer is like my first. for some reason, i always forget how freaking hot it is. 118 degrees is not my friend.
but we make the most of it. 

summer gardens

bike rides





 andrew's mission call opening
tallahassee florida, spanish speaking!!!

 molly's surprise birthday dinner

(way too early on a saturday morning)

porter was the only one who caught anything!

daisy giving the fish some lovin'.

oakley has become very opinionated on what he wears. he especially dislikes overalls. every time i put on a cute pair he does this...

i am such a mean mom.
but it was so funny.

oakley also learned a bajillion new tricks this summer and has become extremely too helpful.
Here are just a few;
crawl fast
open cupboards and drawers
take his diaper off
open the dryer
and take all the clothes out
pull the lever on the water cooler
stand up on his own


ROBINSON said...

oh my gosh oakley is sooo cute!! can i just keep him please!

Katie said...

What a summer!!!! Whew, that is one cute kid!